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Newsletter Subscription and Video

Citizens Action

This website brings transparency to local politics. The newsletter and video page make it easy to stay current, and the site provides information so citizens can take action.
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Membership and Information Library

Cordis Financial

Cordis Financial recognizes that their clients needs are individual. They provide a wealth of information and support for many client types through their website.   
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Web Design and Photos

Garry's Heating Services

We were proud to provide this website with new staff photos and a contact form that generates new business daily! We recently added content highlighting A/C installations.
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Web Design and Sales Form

Mennos Sausage

This delicious new website sells product through an ingenious form rather than a shopping cart. Each product is featured on its own page with new photos.
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Ecommerce, Subscriptions and Membership 

Souptacular Soup Company

We continually build Souptacular's online relationship with their fans through their online shop and free shipping with membership. There's always something new at Souptacular!
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Web Design and Product Photography

Pine Creek Enterprises

This online shop connects with customers through sales, messaging, and updated craft sale information. Logo design & product photography by Bright Art Media! 
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Web Design and eCommerce


This entrepreneur creates beverages designed to promote health and well-being. The website reflects a distinctive brand, and sells product from the online shop.
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Web Design, eCommerce, Subscriptions

Pygmalion Art School

Art students subscribe to art classes with flexible payment options directly through the online shop. Art collectors view and purchase artwork by Dixie Orriss, the instructor.
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Web Design and Contact

Story Weddings & Events

This company brings meaning to each wedding by emphasizing the story behind it. The website highlights their unique approach with examples. It's beautiful!
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Web Design, Newsletter and eCommerce

Clay 'n Wood Crafts

Pottery fans subscribe to the newsletter to discover the latest limited edition products from the kiln.  New creations are sold directly from the online shop.
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